The project with GatsbyJS-22

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Welcome to part-22 of the series. You can find part-21 here.

We will start by adding some Gatsby plugins to my newly created personal blog site. I have found a great article Emeruche Cole on the same. I am also doing it as per my other site creation. The instructions are in this blog.

I will be adding two SEO plugins first.


So, let’s head over to the plugin page. As the name suggest it creates a robots.txt file for our gatsby site. It’s good for SEO as it tells google bots on how to crawl your site.

We will follow the instruction and do an npm install in our directory. Please stop the development server before that.

npm install --save gatsby-plugin-robots-txt

In the gatsby-config.js , we need to add the marked code in our plugin array.


Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and will be in my upcoming book Gatsby Cookbook. You can find more details about it here.

Gatsby Cookbook

The book is currently 80% complete and available on leanpub to purchase at this url.

It will also launch all the major platform like leanpub, amazon, iBooks, gumroad once it is complete in July 2020.

Let’s push the code to github for deployment in netlify. It is now showing correctly in also.


This completes part-22 of the series. You can find part-23 here.

You can find the code for the same in this github repo.

Also, the site is live at




Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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Nabendu Biswas

Nabendu Biswas

Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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