The project with GatsbyJS-21

Welcome to part-21 of the series. You can find part-20 here.

Now, that our site is live it’s time to add the good gatsby plugins and other things. But before that i need to tell one thing, this will be no longer a like site. This will be my personal blog site, where i will post mainly all my blogs(155 till now). On this journey to build, i found it’s more of a wonderful community of developers than the blogging system itself. That is what differentiate it from sites like and

Maybe one day will build a community first and then the blogging system. So, let’s add a contact form to the site first.

I had earlier described about two ways to add a contact form in a gatsby site. One is by using netlify and is described in my earlier blog post here. The other way is to use the called formspree to get user data. I earlier used it in this blog post.

Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and will be in my upcoming book Gatsby Cookbook. You can find more details about it here.

The book is currently 80% complete and available on leanpub to purchase at this url.

It will also launch all the major platform like leanpub, amazon, iBooks, gumroad once it is complete in July 2020.

We are done with this part, so i had pushed the code to github. It will also start my automatic deployment to netlify. So, it is time to check the form capabilities on the web-site also.

Once it is deployed, we can head over to and submit a form.

It will take us through the same above process and i get the mail in my gmail.

You can find the next part ie part-22 here.



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