Restaurant Site Project with GatsbyJS-6

Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

Welcome to part-6 of the series. You can find part-5 here.

We will start creating Banner component in this part. This component will show the different text, which is displayed inside each picture for each page.

So, create a new file Banner.js inside the utils folder and put the below content in it. This component is quite similar to the Header component, we had created in previous part. We are taking three props — title, subtitle and children and displaying it by a styled-component BannerWrapper.

We are also having a default props for title, if not passed from the parent component.


Rest of the chapter is exclusive content and will be in my upcoming book Gatsby Cookbook. You can find more details about it here.

Gatsby Cookbook

Now, our Menu page will show the menu text.

Menu page

This completes part-6 of the series. You can find part-7 here.

You can find the code for the project in this github repo.




Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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Nabendu Biswas

Nabendu Biswas

Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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