ReactJS Tutorial for Beginners -4

Welcome to part-4 of the series. You can find part-3 here. We will learn about JSX first in the series.


JavaScript XML(JSX) is an extension to the JavaScript language syntax. Some feature are -
* Write XML like code for elements and components.
* JSX tags have a tag name, attributes and children.
* JSX is not a necessity to write React application.
* JSX makes your react code simpler and elegant.
* JSX ultimately transpiles to pure JavaScript which is understood by the browsers.

Component with JSX

We have been creating component in the previous part with JSX and we will again create one more with it.

We are creating a simple functional component Hello, with a div and h1 tag.

You can read rest of the article from my site. Link for the same is below.

This completes part-4 of the series. You can find part-5 here.



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