Rama and Shiva in Hampi

Sabri Temple at Anegudi, Near Hampi

When i visited hampi, i though it is about the magnificent temple build by Vijayanagara empires some 800 years ago. They build magnificent Rama, Shiva temples but there are many historical places, which are older then Vijaynagara empire itself.

These are the places associated with Ramayana and also before that and with Lord Shiva.

The first place is Hemakuta temples, which are located near Virupaksha temple. It is on this hill lord Shiva did penance before marrying goddess Paravathi.

Hemakuta temples, Hampi

Next, there is Pampa Sarovar which is near Anegudi. You can reach there easily by crossing the Tungabadra river to Hippie island. You can find details of reaching Pampa Sarovar here.

It is the place where Parvati performed penance to show her devotion to Shiva.

Pampa Sarovar

Next, to Pampa Sarovar is Sabri temple. It is the place where Sabri waited for Lord Rama and gave him ber(Indian jujube) fruit.

Sabri Temple

Near Anegudi there is Hanuman temple, where lord hanuman was born.

Hanuman temple

Nearby there is Chintamani Temple. It houses the spot from where Lord Rama had shot his arrow to kill Baali during his fight with Sugreev.

Footprints of Rama and Laxman

Bali was killed some 5 kms away and there is a temple known as Bali Samadhi there. This temple is also called Kodandarama temple.

Bali Samadhi temple

It also have a cave where Rama, Laxman, Sugreev and Hanuman meet and discussed the way to defeat Bali. From this Cave only Lord Hanuman flyed to Lanka, with a precious stone from Lord Rama to give to Sita.

Chintamani Cave

There is also Sugreev’s cave on Hampi side. It is the cave where Sugreev was hiding after his brother Bali exiled him from his kingdom. When Sita was been abducted by demon king Ravaan in his flying chariot, she dropped her jewels to help her husband Rama find her. Sugreev found those jewel and kept it with him here in the cave.

Sugreev Cave

Next, is Nava-brindavan at Anegudi village. You have to cross a river to get to the island.

Nava brindavan

This is the place where lord Rama meet lord hanuman for the first time.

Temple at Nava brindavan

Last, there is Malyavanta Hill which have a temple Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple. Rama and Lakshmana stayed here till the monsoon rains are over, before marched to Lanka along with the army of Sugreev.

Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple

It is so wonderful and divine to see the story of Lord Rama scattered through the whole Indian subcontinent. Starting from Ayodhaya, where he was born, to Nashik where he lived during 14 years exile, to Hampi where he meet Hanuman and formed his army.

Then to Ram sethu in Tamil Nadu, where the great bridge was builded to cross the Sea. And finally Sri Lanka, where he defeated demon king Ravaana to get his wife back.

Jai Shree Ram.



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