PhotoShop for Web-developers-2

PhotoShopped Vintage picture by me

Welcome to Part-2 of the series. As told in part-1, most of the things in this series are from the great Photoshop course on Udemy by Dan.

Change Color using Hue

I will be using this red t-shirt image for this part.

Classic Red t-shirt

Now, Open it in photoshop. Then open the Adjustment panel and take mouse over Hue/Saturation to click.


Now, dragging the Hue slider is where the magic begins. You can also increase the Saturation a bit to enhance the color. But sliding the Hue, changes the color.

Below, we create an orange t-shirt.

Orange t-shirt

Next is Green t-shirt.

Green t-shirt

Next is pink t-shirt

Pink t-shirt

And the last one is Blue t-shirt

Blue t-shirt

Change Just One Color using Hue

Consider the below image, where we many 3 different colors items.

Different colors items

Now, if we use the earlier technique , it will change color of all three items. Let’s check that first.

Changes color of all — not desired

We want to change the color of the left-most cyan item only. For this we have to click on the below dropdown which shows master. It will show all the colors available on the page. Click on cyan.

Select cyan

Now, slide the Hue slider and it will change color only of the Cyan item.

Cyan item changed to blue

Below we change it to Pink.

Cyan item to pink

This concludes part-2 of the series. You can find part-3 here.

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