My hampi vacation — Day 4

You can find day-3 here.

Our last day at hampi started a bit late, as we had to check out of the hotel. Our usual auto driver came and as promised took as to the first place of the two, which was a park.

On just entering the park, we didn’t liked it and negotiated with him to take us to Anegundi and neighbouring places, which we had missed in our hampi trip.

To go to Anegundi by auto takes an hour because you have to bypass a river. The route through hippie island is a short one, but you have to cross a river. The route to Anegundi was pretty scenic with paddy fields and rocky mountains.

After reaching Anegundi, we saw an old palace in which restoration work was going on.

So, we headed over to nava-brindavan which again we need to cross by motor boat. But it was a long boat ride and quite wonderful and pleasurable ride.

The views are too good and not much tourists here. After we reach there the scenes were even more good. Nava-brindavan seems like an island and is quite remote, but lot of locals comes here for puja.

We didn’t knew what exactly is here and we walked 200 meters to reach a small enclosure with small temples. The friendly priest told us that this is the place where lord Rama meet lord Hanuman for the first time, when he was going towards Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from demon king Ravan.

After that we crossed the river and took the auto to Sugriv-bali temple. He we learnt about more historic places related to Ramayana. This was the place where Rama meets exiled monkey king Sugriv. The temple have footprints of lord Rama and his brother laxmana.

From here we can see a far away temple known as Bali samdhi. From here lord Rama fired his arrow to kill Bali who had forcefully taken the throne from his brother Sugriv.

After that we headed over to a famous Durga Mata temple, which is located over the hill and had our lunch prasad there.

After that we head over to hampi, to check the Mahanavami Dibba and Hazararama temple again, as we liked them a lot.

There were far less tourist at 4 pm at both places and we took some nice pictures at both places.

After that while heading back, we visited a small jaggery factory in which locals make jaggery from sugarcane. It was nice to know from our auto driver that by doing this the become self dependent and cut themselves from the sugar mills which used to give them very less salary.

After this we reached the hospet railway station and I am writing this blog from the waiting room here, waiting for hampi express to take us back to Bangalore.

Pics from today is in these two Instagram link below.



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