I miss my iPhone

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As most of you might know i rarely write non-technical blogs. But i had started the same with my Hampi series. I will continue to write about my travels, so that they act as a digital diary for my son, who can read them in the future.

I also wanted to write about my smartphone as it is an integral part of my life. So, back to the story i used to have an iPhone 6 which i had purchased on Oct 2015 and sold in May 2018. I just loved the experience of the iPhone. I had used many apple products in the past and right now also writing the blog on my Macbook Air 2017 model.

I had used ipod shuffle, ipad mini 2, Mac mini(late 2014 model) and wife had used iphone 5s in the past. All those had been an awesome experience but as an Indian, always found apple products to be costly and had to think twice before purchasing them.

I generally buy iPhone or mac one to two generation old, as they are a bit cheaper in india. I had purchased iPhone 6 in Oct 2015 for 38K rupees(530 USD), which is the cost of OnePlus 7T today(Feb 2020). And this is also not cheap but in 2015 there were not many good android phones around and i always had a hit and miss with android devices earlier.

The one thing with iPhone at that time and today also is that you can be assure of there quality without thinking twice and the hardware with software experience is always good. iPhones just works and in every situation.

The iPhone just worked without any issue for around 3 years but during the end the battery was becoming a bit weak and also the mechanical fingerprint scanner was showing age by pressing for 3 years. One more thing which i noticed that i was using many google apps like gmail and maps.

This led me to a blunder decision in 2018 and i sold my iPhone 6 for 15K. After that i Moto G5S Plus for 13K as i had a slight good experience with Moto G in the past. I always liked the pure android experience and thought Moto will last for at-least 2 years. And boy i was wrong, i dropped the Moto in 1 one month and it screen broke. The service center asked for 6k to repair it which was half it’s cost so i got it fixed for 2k from local shop. Between i had dropped iPhone for 100 of times and nothing happened.

I had really bad experience for the next 1.5 years with the phone. It was damm slow with a mediocre camera. I use Uber/Ola, Paytm/Google Pay, Google Maps, linkedin, twitter regularly and out of my home’s high-speed internet. I really was giving a hard time with all these mentioned apps which i never got with the iPhone. Uber was finding cab in 10 minutes, Paytm/Google pay transactions were failing and all because of the slow processor.

I decided to get a new phone this Oct 2019 and i was inclined towards OnePlus 7T or iPhone XR but purchased Realme XT during the diwali sale. Again i purchased an android device because of hundreds of misleading youtube reviews where the reviews just used the phone for 10–15 days. I got it only for 18K and it seems to be a great phone on the outside. It is very good looking with 4 cameras. After using it for 4 months i can say it is tough also as i dropped it at-least 10 times. But it also had the same problem which my Moto G5S Plus had and that is slowness. Again finding cab in Uber was taking time, transactions failing in Paytm/Google Pay and not able to check linkedin/twitter outside home.

At office most of my juniors have iPhone XR/11 or OnePlus 6T/7/7T and they never complains about their phones. I had seen many people using their OnePlus also for 2 years without any slowness and it is definitely a good phone. But it contains a very big problem and that is Android. I know all the privacy issue related to android but that will happen also in iPhone where we use lots of google apps.

Recently i faced two issues with Android which cannot be fixed. My wife’s bill came 600 INR this month instead of 200 INR. On calling the mobile operator they told that two costly services, one been celebrity chat was activated on the mobile. I further asked how this got activated as we didn’t did it. They shamelessly told that they send full screen pop-up ads to activate it and on clicking it gets activated.I realised that my son while playing with my wife’s phone might have clicked on it, when he was busy watching youtube videos. They reversed most of the charge, but this is what can be done in an App in android and nowadays all big operators do it. Now think what a malicious operator can do.

I had done both ios development and android development in the past. My ios apps used to take 2 weeks to pass and many times i had to update many minor things to get them passed. On the other hand android apps used to pass the moment i used to submit them. Google use to scan every two weeks for malicious apps and remove them. That changed a lot now as most people use only 10–15 apps.

The second problem is that you cannot delete google apps like youtube from an android phone. Although you can root the phone and remove it, but that is too much nowadays. I want to remove youtube from our phones as my kid is addicted to it and we had to find other ways(like closing wifi and mobile data) to keep the youtube away from him. This is not the case with iPhone, where you just don’t get these unremovable google apps.

But that clean interface of iPhone i miss for the last 2 years. The complete peace of mind i miss. iPhones are costly and they are even more costly in India but they last long and give a very good service during that period.

I will buy an iPhone XR(in 6 months) this time as it fits well in my budget(35K to 40K) and works way better than any other android phone in that range. Although OnePlus 7T is good but as i told earlier it uses android and i had started to dislike android a lot due to it’s privacy and other issues.



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