HTML Crash Course for Beginners -1

I had decided to create a HTML tutorial for absolute beginners. This post is for those who are just starting in Web-development. After this article, you can take the code in this tutorial and treat as as your little cheatsheet for HTML.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is actually not a programming language, but a markup language for creating webpages. It doesn’t have any logic like a programming language.

HTML is the main building block of the web. You can have a complete site with just HTML, but it will look really ugly. To add styles and make the site look nice, you add CSS to it and to make the site perform some tasks getting data from an API, or submitting a form you need JavaScript. CSS and JavaScript are the other two building blocks.

You can create a complete presentation site, also known as brochure site using HTML and CSS and there are many sites like this on the internet.

To start will HTML, you need a web browser. I prefer firefox, but you can use Chrome also. You can code the HTML code in notepad also, but it’s advisable to have a light code editor. Visual Studio code is the go to editor nowadays, which is completely free. So, we will use that in this course. So, go ahead and download it from the microsoft site here.

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Visual Studio Code

You can read the rest of the blog from my site. The link for the same is below.

You can find part-2 here.

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