How to save money and travel in Hampi

Pampa sarovar near Hampi

I recently went to Hampi with my family and i must say, it was not the way to travel Hampi. You can find my whole four day trip here.

Although we enjoyed a lot, but wasted a lot of money and also didn’t covered all the points after spending so much.

First, i will tell you the way in which most travellers including me travels in Hampi. First, we stayed in a hotel at Hosapete which is 13 kms from Hampi. So, auto driver takes 250 rupees to takes us there. Second, on the first day we visited Tungabadra dam which was a complete wastage. If you are in Hampi to see those awesome buildings, then it’s just another dam with some parks thrown in and it will consume your whole day.

Tungabadra Dam

Next, we took two packages from the auto driver for two days. One was to show us all of Hampi and he took 1200 rupees for it. Now he started with Virupaksha temple. We visited the two Ganesha’s temples which were nearby. After that we saw Monolith Bull, Giant Shivlinga, Laxmi-narshimha temple and underground shiva temple. Also visited Krishna temple, Queen’s bath on the way. We visited the top attractions of Zanana enclosure, Hazararama and Mahanavami dibba also. Then we headed over to Vitthala temple, which is away from all these(10 kms).

Ranga temple

Now, the thing is that we visited all the places in Hampi in a hurried 1 day and that also with my 6 year old kid, who was too tired after Virupaksha temple only. Now, all these hampi attractions should be done over the course of 2 days and also you should take guide at five major places. These are Virupaksha Temple, Hazararama temple, Mahanavami Dibba, Zanana enclosure and Vitthala temple. The guides take 300 rupees per place and are absolutely necessary as there is lot of history to all these places and not only Vijaynagara empire but also related to Lord Shiva and Lord Rama.

Virupaksha temple

Now, for another day we decided to visit the places near Anegudi. It is near to Hampi, if you cross the river by boat but by auto they take a longer route and 1 hour to reach there. The driver took 1400 rupees from us for this. Anegudi have many must visit places related to Ramayana like birth place of Lord Hanuman, Sabri cave, Sugriv Cave and others. There are hidden jewels like nava brindavan also here. Now, enough of How not to travel in hampi and waste your money. Next i will tell how to travel in Hampi.

Nava brindavan

First, you should not stay at Hosepete hotel but on Hippie island homestays. The Hippie island homestays are perfectly safe for everyone including family and we saw a lot of domestic travellers with family stay there. Plus you will get the Goa vibe there. There are two ways to reach Hippie island. One is to get to the river point and cross it by the motor-boat, which will take 20 rupees per traveller. Other is the long way an it takes 1 hour by bypassing the river, which you should not take. The auto driver will take 250 rupess from Hosapete terminal to reach river point.

Boat to hippie island

All homestays at hippie island are cottages, but they are very clean and safe for families. They cost 1000 rupees per night but give you awesome views.

Cottages at Hippie island

These cottages are located at river-side and gives you awesome view of Virupaksha temple. Below is the view of Virupaksha temple from the famous Laughing Buddha cafe and homestay.

Virupaksha temple from Laughing buddha Cafe

If staying at cottages and on Hippie island is not your thing, then stay in a hotel near hampi bazaar in Hampi. Now wherever you stay the best thing as you have noticed from above picture is that, Virupaksha temple and all other major and minor attractions of Hampi are at a walking distance. So, take your time and visit them by walking or cycling over two days. Also, as i mentioned earlier take guides at the five major attractions.

Queen’s bath in Hampi

The only place and a must visit which is not nearby everything else, is the Vitthala temple. You need to take an auto from near Virupaksha temple to go to Vitthala temple as it’s 13 kms away. The auto driver should not take more then 500 rupees for both way. You can avoid it by walking or riding a cycle.

Stone chariot at Vitthala temple

Now, after two days visiting all magnificent places on Hampi side, it time to visit all magical places at Hippie island side. From Hippie island you should rent a scooter for 400 rupees per day. Petrol is filled through bottles for 100 rupees per litre and is available through-out all villages. The main place to visit is Hanuman temple, where lord hanuman was born. It is above a hill with 575 steps and it’s totally divine once you reach the temple.

Hanuman temple

The next must visit place is Nava-brindavan at Anegudi village. You again have to cross a river to get to the island. The boat ride take10 mins and it’s quite scenic.

Nava brindavan

This is the place where lord rama meet lord hanuman for the first time and the surroundings are quite scenic and the place is quite divine. This is one of the hidden jewel near Hampi and a must visit.

Temple at Nava-brindavan

Three more must visit places near Anegudi are —

  • Durgamata temple, which Kings used to workship before going to war
  • Pampa sarovar, where Parvati performed penance to show her devotion to Shiva. And it is the place where Sabri waited for Lord Rama and gave him ber(Indian jujube) fruit.
  • Chintamani temple, the place houses the spot from where Lord Rama had shot his arrow to kill Baali during his fight with Sugreev.
Durgamata temple
Pampa Sarovar
Chintamani Temple

All these five places are nearby and you can visit them on the bike. After this you can enjoy a lovely evening snacks at any wonderful cafe at Hippie island to end your three days Hampi trips. Cross the river and take auto back to Hosepete junction, where you can travel back to Bangalore/Mysore by Hampi express at 9:15 pm IST.

Hope you liked this post, which was base on my experiences of Hampi.



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