Deployed my GatsbyJS site to AWS S3–1

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I have been using the amazing service of netlify for the past one year to deploy all my test site and also the production sites.

Two of my main production sites are and . Netlify charges on build time and initially it was ok, but my upcoming blog site had grown a lot and have now most of my blogs.

I serve my blogs through mdx files, which is stored in github. So, my built time for thewebdev have increased to 8 mins and my current blog site built time to 2 mins. Now, since i give build almost everyday, i am over the free quota of 300 mins every month. I am getting charged $ 7 for it since the past 2 months and extra 500 mins gets added for the build time.

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Netlify Additional Builds

You can read rest of the blog from my blog site. The link is below.

This completes Part-1 of the AWS deployment. You can find part-2 here.

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