Create Youtube Player in ReactJs — Part 1

My journey with react started more then a year back. I was already doing some web-development with HTML, CSS , JavaScript for past 7 years. Then completed the Freecodecamp front-end certification also. React came like this cool kid in front-end development, which was a must then. So, i jumped into it and purchased “Modern React with Redux” from Stephen Grider and learned a lot from it. Also, learned a lot from React for beginners by Wes Bos. I highly recommend both and this article is based on what i learned from both and my past 9 months a React developer for my company.

In React we have to divide our project as small components. Then write those components and stick it into the main App component. We are making a Youtube player app in react. So, we design the layout and create components for different parts.

Wireframe with components in RED

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Hope, this article will be helpful for some. Click here for Part 2.

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