Build an Agency Website with HTML & CSS -2

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Welcome to part-2 of the series. You can find part-1 here. We will continue building our Agency site and start with the showcase part.

So, head over to the index.html and create a showcase section. It contains of a section with id showcase and again a div with class container. Inside the div, we have a h1 and a p.


You can find the rest of the blog from my site. The link for the same is below.

You can find part-3 here.

You can find the code till this part in my github repo here.




Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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Nabendu Biswas

Nabendu Biswas

Founder TWD, JavaScript & ReactJS Trainer, Youtuber, Blogger

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